ShanKri-la is a humble attempt to disperse information about technology that can make our lives a little bit easier, a little bit enjoyable and a little bit more manageable. We live in a world where our daily lives are a blur. Monday starts with a dizzying speed and before we realize it’s the weekend and you take a moment’s break and Monday is looming at you again even before you woke up from that Sunday night’s sleep that you were yearning for all week!

So, in the rush of madness what time do we have to keep abreast with stuff around us? Very little. But, the tech changes aren’t slowing down for us to catch up. But, why should I follow this madness, you may ask!

Your 7 year old will tell you that this is the Internet Age. My 7 year old nephew did, in his email! You can waste all your time on it or you can make the Internet save your time. It is no secret that the list of things that needed people presence is shortening everyday.. you accomplish so much of your everyday activities online! Why not use the best tools that are being developed and improved continously to accomplish our chores on the internet?

We (mostly me, K) at ShanKri-la hope to be a shining beacon in this ocean and guide you to some of the jewels that we have come to find in the web. Please let us know how we can improve. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

What I Read

I share the most interesting articles I read everyday over at my public Google Reader page. This is more like a mini blog of things I find interesting but don’t have the time to write about here.

What I Say

You can follow my everyday activities and my thoughts and things I like, hate, rant over at Twitter – KintheHouse.

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