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Legit: Get PC Magazine Digital Edition Free For a Year

Did you know that the print edition of PC Magazine is discontinued from January 2009 and is going 100% digital? You will still be able to buy a digital edition but you may wanna grab December’s last print edition if you are into that sort of preserving a piece of history. How is PC Magazine […]

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Friday Tech Deal: 1TB IOmega External USB Hard Drive $75 Shipped

Friday Tech Deal: 1TB IOmega External USB Hard Drive $75 Shipped

We have owned the 500GB Western Digital Passport for a while. We love it for its size (about the size of an iPhone) and portability. But, we are quickly filling it up and have been looking around for a 1TB external hard drive which we would just keep at home for backups. Small form factor […]

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MagicJack VOIP – Recommended even by Mint.com

MagicJack VOIP – Recommended even by Mint.com

I am a huge fan of Magicjack and have used it for over 2 years now replacing my traditional AT&T landline. We have saved hundreds of dollars a year in phone bills as Magicjack costs just $40 in the first year and then $20/year from then onwards. In fact, with the purchase of Magicjack, you […]

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Circuit City is Back Online

Circuit City was one of the popular stores for electronics and they went out of business offline and online around 5 months back. Circuit City brand, trademark and website have been acquired by a leading multi-channel retailer of computers, electronics and industrial products. On May 19, 2009, Systemax Inc. purchased the Circuit City brand and […]

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SmartyPig – Savings Can Be Social Too

SmartyPig – Savings Can Be Social Too

SmartyPig is simply a savings account dedicated to a goal that you can simply tap into when you have reached that goal. While earning a nice 3.25% APY on your savings.

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CurdBee – Free Web-based Billing App for Freelancers

CurdBee – Free Web-based Billing App for Freelancers

If you are a freelancer and looking for a free, web based billing application, CurdBee might be right up your alley. There are plenty of paid alternatives, but if your needs are simple CurdBee is definitely worth considering. CurdBee Features Sign up for a FREE account Choose your own unique address – for eg. yourname.curdbee.com […]

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Canon SX10 IS – An Excellent SuperZoom Digital Camera

I have always been a great fan of Canon point and shoot cameras. We have owned a Canon A75, Canon SD450, Canon SD1100 IS. Although I had secretly harbored an interest in learning the art of photography, it hasn’t come to fruition until now. My wife got me this little beauty of a digital camera […]

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Guide to 2008 Online & In-Store Black Friday Deals

Guide to 2008 Online & In-Store Black Friday Deals

Black Friday 2008 is here and for a lot of us today is probably last day at work this week. I love Black Friday’s and always on the lookout for good deals to get my hands on. This year is no different. One thing that has changed is the amount of information available in advance […]

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Free International Calls to 30+ Countries with Talkster

We have seen many services like Jajah, Freedom phone, etc., that offered FREE international calling. Talkster is the new kid on the free international calls market and looks very promising. You can call your friends or family in 30+ international destinations for FREE with Talkster. How it works You can call your friends from your […]

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Use Twitter to Track Your Spending

I have become a Twitter-holic and it took me a while to digest the benefits of being on Twitter. I have met so many nice people and made friends and you might even be reading this because you met me on Twitter! If you haven’t connected with me, you can find me by KIntheHouse. Heck, […]

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How to Spot a Fake PayPal Email – Part Deux

Phishing, pronounced just like fishing, is a term you must be aware if you use the Internet for any kind of sensitive transactions.  You could be at risk of a phishing attack if you use online accounts such as Paypal or your bank account, credit card account, etc. Quoting Wikipedia, Phishing is the criminally fraudulent […]

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RevResponse – The AdSense Alternative You Were Looking For?

I have been using Google Adsense here for a while. It sure consistently pays and covers my hosting costs and some more but it’s probably not the best monetizing option for a technology blog. So, I continuously experiment with different ad options here to find the right balance that offers my readers something interesting to […]

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MagicJack Review – VOIP Service for $20/Year

I am one of those who’s been paying about $40/month for traditional long distance phone calls here in the US. I have long known the benefits of VOIP but the cost difference wasn’t that big for me to leave my convenient setup with AT&T – DSL + Long distance phone. Plus, I was just plain […]

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Find & Compare Bank Accounts & Features

My wife and I were looking for some information recently to open a checking account for her. Although I am happy with the place I bank at, we wanted to see what other options we had to open an account for her. We were interested in looking for one that offered services like Debit Card […]

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Have You Tried Making Money With Your Blog Yet?

I am usually very skeptical when it comes to make money online programs. However, when my friend Garry Conn mentioned about it in his blog and after talking to him on IM, I have decided to give this a go. PepperJamNetwork is a affiliate marketing network that has just launched but brings a lot of […]

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