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New Flock Social Browser Based on Chromium

Just when we were thinking the good old social browser Flock is dying a slow death, they have come back renewed! Flock has just released a new version of their social browser this time based on Chromium. Chromium is the open source browser project Google made Open Source when they released the Google Chrome browser. […]

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Mozilla Labs Brings Out a Social Sharing Firefox Extension

I am a huge fan of software from Mozilla Labs – Firefox being one the graduates from there. They also brought out several interesting ones like Mozilla Prism, Ubiquity, Firefox Sync, BeSpin,  etc. F1 is a new social sharing Firefox extension. Once installed, it makes it easy to share web links and content via Twitter, […]

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Trailer of ‘The Social Network’ Facebook Movie Released

The Social Network, the movie about origins of Facebook has been the most talked about movie recently in the social media and tech circle. Buzz for the movie has been spreading with teaser trailers with no actors but just dramatic music and voices. Check out the trailer for this movie here What did you think?

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HootSuite Updates With Facebook LinkedIn Integration

HootSuite Updates With Facebook LinkedIn Integration

HootSuite is a professional web based Twitter management tool. You can read my HootSuite review here. Hootsuite has now updated with a few more features Facebook Integration Once you link your HootSuite account with your Facebook account, you can update your Facebook status, etc right from within Hootsuite. The cool thing is that if you […]

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Rainmaker Fills Your Google Contacts With Social Info

I have been using Google Contacts as my primary contacts database for a while now. I even sync my iPhone to Google Contacts and try to maintain a nice address book there. But, with so many friends over at Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and their contact information different or incomplete in different areas it is […]

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Create Professional Facebook Pages For Free

Facebook has become a force to reckon with in the social networking world. It’s not just individuals benefitting from the Facebook effect. Businesses are also using Facebook to reach out to their customers and potential audiences. The default Facebook page you get to create are very bland and not eye-catching. Like anything on the web, […]

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Miranda IM Client Gets Facebook Chat

Miranda IM is a multi-protocol instant messaging client for Windows. This venerable instant messaging client has recently added support for Facebook Chat making it even more attractive. Miranda IM supports a wide variety of protocols such as AOL Instant Messenger Gadu-Gadu IAX ICQ Internet Relay Chat Jabber MSN Netsend Tlen Yahoo and more.. Miranda IM […]

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disable facebook facial recognition

How to Turn off Facebook’s New Facial Recognition Feature?

Facebook just added another controversial feature and as always enabled it for all users without asking for their consent. So far, Facebook let us tag photos with names of our friends on pictures we have. Facebook just added an automatic face recognition feature that will identify people from photos anywhere on the site. This feature […]

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Rich Contact Profiles Inside Gmail with Rapportive

When you are composing or reading an email from a contact, how would you like to have their whole social profile at your fingertips? Rapportive is a web solution that replaces the ad column in Gmail with a rich contact profile. Rapportive shows you everything about your contacts right inside your inbox. You can immediately […]

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Facebook Allows You to Download Your Life

Facebook has just announced a site update with a combination of new features, new ideas and revamps. Of all the features announced, one caught my eye. Download My Information Facebook has finally made its peace with data portability advocates. They just announced that you could download all your information you uploaded to Facebook in a […]

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Enable HTTPS And Keep Your Facebook Account Secure

You might have heard of techniques like FireSheep which lets others in the same network as you with access to your Facebook account. In light of this, Facebook just recently announced full HTTPS support. Enabling HTTPS on your Facebook account will prevent a lot of hacks and protect your information. Facebook is notorious for turning […]

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Take a Walk Down Your MemoLane

For those of us who are addicted to our social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, etc., there is no easy to way to view our ‘social’ history. How can you see what you did for your last birthday? How can you tell how you were ‘feeling’ on your last vacation? MemoLane is a […]

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Toggle To Classic Facebook Photo Viewer With F5

Facebook rolled out a new photo viewer a few weeks back. If for some reason, you wanted to view the pictures in the old view you can still do it with a simple trick. Just hit F5 (refresh) on your keyboard. Hat tip to Amit.

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World of Facebook – InfoGraphic

Facebook has grown leaps and bounds in the last year. There is no better way than to view their growth through an awesome infographic. [Note: This is a 1.6MB image file. Click to see in full size] [Credit: Singlegrain & OBizMedia]

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How to do the Facebook Profile Picture Hack?

Facebook unveiled a new profile design earlier this month where they added thumbnails of your recent pictures. A French artist named Alexandre Oudin found a creative way to express himself with this in mind. If you want to do this yourself, there is an easy way to do this. If you are familiar with Adobe […]

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