HootSuite Updates With Facebook LinkedIn Integration

HootSuite is a professional web based Twitter management tool. You can read my HootSuite review here.

Hootsuite has now updated with a few more features


Facebook Integration

Once you link your HootSuite account with your Facebook account, you can update your Facebook status, etc right from within Hootsuite. The cool thing is that if you had a Facebook Fan Page, you can also update it from HootSuite.

LinkedIn Integration

Hootsuite now supports posting updates to your LinkedIn status as well.


Ping.fm users can use HootSuite to post updates. You could use Ping.fm in turn will update other social networks that Hootsuite doesn’t support yet. (like delicious, flickr, etc)

Twitter Lists

Twitter introduced Lists feature recently and now HootSuite supports Twitter Lists.

I have long used HootSuite’s bookmarklet to post links via HootSuite but looking into the new Hootsuite Firefox add-on. But the function basically seems like the bookmarklet so I may end up uninstalling it to shave off extra Firefox add-ons I don’t need.

HootSuite has become a valuable blogging tool for me as I can measure what links have been successful in driving traffic to my blogs via Twitter. Now, I can measure the same through Facebook wall updates and fan page updates as well.

I am really excited about the HootSuite iPhone app coming soon!

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