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New Flock Social Browser Based on Chromium

Just when we were thinking the good old social browser Flock is dying a slow death, they have come back renewed! Flock has just released a new version of their social browser this time based on Chromium. Chromium is the open source browser project Google made Open Source when they released the Google Chrome browser. […]

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How to Manually Update Chrome Extensions?

Google Chrome is fantastic when it comes to updating chrome extensions automatically. But, there is an extension that has gotten a nice update you read about but your Chrome browser has not updated it yet. Instead of waiting for Google Chrome’s scheduled update to kick off, you can update it manually. Here’s how: Type in […]

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Access Dropbox Easily With Google Chrome Extension

If you use Dropbox and Google Chrome, you can now easily access your Dropbox files from the Chrome browser. Dropbox extension for Google Chrome is a free and unofficial extension for accessing your Dropbox files. Once installed, the Dropbox extension adds a small Dropbox icon on your Chrome toolbar. You click on the icon and […]

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GigaPan Time Machine + Google Chrome = Pure Joy

You may remember the team at Carnegie Mellon University called the GigaPan for their amazing panoramic photos from around the world including the presidential inauguration. GigaPan just made it to the next level with their GigaPan Time Machine. GigaPan Time Machine team captures hundreds and thousands of time lapse pictures and using HTNL5 technology have […]

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How to Use Gmail’s iPad Interface in Your Desktop?

Google just rolled out a nice two-pane Gmail interface for the Apple iPad and other tablet devices like NotionInk ADAM. If you have been wondering if you could try it out in your desktop without selling an arm and a leg for an Apple iPad, you are in luck. It’s the age-old switching user agent […]

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Google Chrome OS And Chrome Webstore

Google announced Chrome OS a year back and they have finally come out with a version to get feedback from real users. So, Google is piloting a program where they are going to give selected users a Google Chrome OS tablet and get constant feedback from users. We’re starting with the U.S. and will expand […]

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Show/Hide Firefox Address Bar Like Google Chrome

Google Chrome just introduced a cool feature which lets you maximize the browser space you have by letting you easily show/hide the address bar. Firefox is not be out done by Chrome for long. With the Firefox extension – LessChrome HD, you can get the same show/hide address bar feature in Firefox. Once installed (no […]

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Must Have Super Google Reader Chrome Extension

Sometimes I am just bewildered why Google hasn’t been pushing their development efforts in Google Reader as aggressively as Gmail. But, thanks to the developer community we can get some nifty features added to these webapps with browser extensions. We have looked at several Gmail and Google Reader Firefox extensions before. It’s time to look […]

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Best Minimalist Chrome Extensions

Most web apps attract us with their simplicity and minimalism in the interface. Take Gmail, Google Calendar, Facebook, etc. However, as time passes by most providers start adding features to the interface sometimes bordering on cluttered. How can you customize the interface so they are again simple to your liking? If you are in the […]

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Disable Third Party Data Tracking with Disconnect

Former Google employee, Brian Kennish, has created a browser extension, Disconnect, for Chrome and Rockmelt to disable third party data tracking while browsing. You might have already heard about the extension Facebook Disconnect which removes the Facebook Connect functionality that automatically identified you in 3rd party websites if you are logged into your Facebook account. […]

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Xmarks Browser Sync Service Announces Shutdown

I have been using Xmarks since it’s early debut in Firefox as Foxmarks extension. Xmarks is a free cross-platform browser sync service that kept bookmarks, passwords, history, etc in sync between multiple computers and even across browsers. I was happily using it to sync my bookmarks between Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari in Apple iMac as […]

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Tips for Using Google Voice in Gmail

Google announced the ability to make calls from within Gmail recently. It looks like it has been very popular among Gmail users and 10 million calls had been made as of Sep 1. If you have your Google Voice number attached to your Gmail and use it to call people from within Gmail, Google Voice […]

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Google Chrome Extensions for Web Development

I primarily use Firefox with extensions like Firebug, Web Developer, etc., for my web development efforts. Lately, Google Chrome is looking more and more attractive for a variety of things including web development. I just recently came across the Extensions for Web Development for Google Chrome page. Google Chrome has a built-in Firebug like tool […]

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Quick Tip: Add Facebook Updates Next to Gmail Buzz

Google Buzz has been keeping me stay inside my Gmail Inbox a lot more than I usually do. With this new Google Chrome extension, it appears I am about to stay a lot longer! Google Facebook Integration Google Chrome extension adds Facebook right below Google Buzz link inside Gmail. With this Facebook integration inside Gmail, […]

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Google Chrome Gets Greasemonkey Scripts

Update: Make sure you check out the new Super Google Reader Chrome extension. I have been a huge fan of Firefox and write regularly on that topic here. But, I have to admit that Google Chrome has been sneaking slowly into my workflow anytime I needed a second browser. Google Chrome is super fast to […]

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