Disable Third Party Data Tracking with Disconnect

Former Google employee, Brian Kennish, has created a browser extension, Disconnect, for Chrome and Rockmelt to disable third party data tracking while browsing.

You might have already heard about the extension Facebook Disconnect which removes the Facebook Connect functionality that automatically identified you in 3rd party websites if you are logged into your Facebook account.

Disconnect is a new extension that disables multiple third party data tracking ability from sites like Digg, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, etc without any setup. You are not going to lose any significant browsing experience.


In fact, it personalizes your Google or Yahoo searches by blocking identifying cookies while you can stay logged into your web apps like Gmail, Reader, etc.

Another cool thing about this extension is that you can view in real time how many of these requests have been blocked from various sites.

You can also easily re-enable them if you need to use certain websites.

Disconnect is must-have extension if you would like to block these third party tracking your web surfing data.

If you have the Facebook Disconnect installed, make sure you uninstall it before trying to unblock it from Disconnect. Also, you have to make sure to unblock Google and Yahoo before uninstalling Disconnect extension to restore those cookies to the original state.

Download Disconnect for Chrome

An extension for Firefox and Safari are in the works and I will update once they come out.


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