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Would VaultPress Become the Best Paid WordPress Backup Solution? blog users (free and hosted version) have enjoyed Automattic’s backups and not worry about their content getting lost. But, the self-hosted WordPress blog users have been left to using some custom solution via Plugins like WP DB Backup or custom backup scripts until now. Automattic has announced a branded solution called VaultPress for […]

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BuddyPress Get WordPress Single Install Friendly

BuddyPress is another awesome open source forum project that works great with WordPress MU. BuddyPress reached version 1.0 last year but it was friendly only with the multi-use version of WordPress – WordPress MU. Those with single installations of WordPress, like myself, were unable to use BuddyPress with the same ease as WPMU users. With […]

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Goldmine of Drupal Videos – DrupalCon DC Website

Goldmine of Drupal Videos – DrupalCon DC Website

A while back I asked you – my readers for Drupal blog recommendations. I was just getting started and I am still learning the inner workings of this excellent open source CMS. Recently I stumbled across the DrupalCon DC Website. It is the official website for the Drupal Conference held in Washington DC in March. […]

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Breaking news: WordPress 2.2 ‘Getz’ is here

Just noticed in my Dashboard that WordPress 2.2 is out! If you are running WordPress for your blog, go ahead and download it here. Some of the new features in this release are: WordPress Widgets (integrated in WordPress code) Blogger importer (I see a massive Blogger to WordPress conversion) Infinite Comment Stream Atom Support (including […]

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WordPress Tip: You Don’t Need an Embed Code Anymore

We run a slew of WordPress based sites and I was just dumbstruck when I came across this little known feature. Atleast to me. I am sharing this here in case you didn’t know about it either. To embed videos or slideshows from various sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, etc, I am used to grabbing […]

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WordPress Custom Post Type Code Generator

WordPress introduced Custom Post Types in one of the recent versions, I believe starting 3.0. (or was it 2.7?) Custom post types lets you create your own custom content like posts and pages. This functionality makes WordPress a powerful content management system. Even though most code monkey’s can easily figure out how to use custom […]

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Google Site Verification WordPress Plugin

If you have built a website, you may know that one of the first things you’d do is to verify your site with Google. This will help your site get indexed by Google. So far, you’d have to do it by one of 2 ways through Google Webmaster Tools. However it involved either editing some […]

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ShanKri-la Gets a Makeover

I have been working on this theme mod for a bit and it is almost a whole month late in making its way here. I meant to release it for the New Year’s day but my day job kept me busy to complete the stuff I wanted done. So, instead here it is for your […]

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Free Custom WordPress site Backup with XCloner

I have been using a combination of a backup WordPress plugin and a cron job to backup my site files over ftp. The WordPress plugin would backup the MySQL database and email it. Then I’d have to FTP out backups of PHP files created by a cron job. Then if I have to restore my […]

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WordPress has become my favorite hobby and in fact my wife’s potantial business venture. There are excellent resources for WordPress and Hack WordPress run by my friend Kyle Eslick, is one of the most useful ones out there. Hack WordPress has just turned 1 and the 2000+ RSS subscribers is just a hint at what […]

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Top WordPress 2.7 Tips, Hacks, Plugins & Resources

WordPress 2.7 is here! As usual the WordPress community has been very active even when WordPress 2.7 was in beta and were publishing a lot of good resources. I have been reading them and collecting them. What’s new in WordPress 2.7 Ten New Features in WordPress 2.7 Demetris of has posted on 10 new […]

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Top 10 WordPress 2.9 Features You Should Know

Top 10 WordPress 2.9 Features You Should Know

WordPress 2.9 is coming soon and it’s time to see what we can expect from this release. WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms and is available in a hosted version at and as a free self-hosting version at WordPress 2.9 is the next version in the recent updates and I […]

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Power your PHP Web Application with BackPress

Power your PHP Web Application with BackPress

WordPress and the new BuddyPress (forum) are couple of immensely popular open source projects in the PHP web applications world. BackPress is a PHP library of core functionality for web applications that grew out of the WordPress project. BackPress includes a variety of foundations needed to build a robust, scalable web application as a core […]

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Moderate WordPress Comments from your Desktop

I have become a big fan of Adobe AIR applications these days. Daniel Dura has brought out an incredible Adobe AIR app that let’s you moderate your WordPress comments from your desktop. I get behind on moderating comments sometimes because I have to get into the WordPress Dashboard to do it. WordPress 2.7 is supposed […]

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Free HTML5 WordPress Theme

Most modern browsers are starting to support HTML 5 and CSS3. The two pack an awesome punch in terms of  offering functionality that was previously possible only with the help of plugins, javascript, etc right within the browser. This makes webapps work incredibly faster and function well without any overhead. If you are a fan […]

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