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Firefox 3.6.4 Protects Against Flash Crash

It is so annoying to have your Firefox browser crash because a plugin like Adobe Flash, Apple QuickTime or Microsoft Silverlight crashed. The new version of Firefox 3.6.4 (beta now available for download) protects your browser from crashing because a page with Flash, QuickTime or Silverlight malfunctioned. The webpage and Firefox will continue to run […]

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Mozilla Labs Brings Out a Social Sharing Firefox Extension

I am a huge fan of software from Mozilla Labs – Firefox being one the graduates from there. They also brought out several interesting ones like Mozilla Prism, Ubiquity, Firefox Sync, BeSpin,  etc. F1 is a new social sharing Firefox extension. Once installed, it makes it easy to share web links and content via Twitter, […]

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Firefox Tip: Use Search Box as a Searchable Multi-item Clipboard

I love Lifehacker and the community around it. Here is an awesome Firefox tip for those who are still loyal to this amazing browser. This tip is one of those that has been right under our nose but it took a genius to point it out. As you know, the Firefox search box remembers your […]

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Download Firefox 4 Beta 10 Now

Firefox 4 has been in the making for a long time. As always with major Firefox releases, it is going through intensive beta testing. Firefox 4 has now reached beta 10 and includes over 500 bugfixes. Firefox 4 includes some major feature changes and additions like Instant website ID Private browsing Anti-virus software Crash protection […]

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How to Run Firefox 4 and Firefox 3 At the Same Time?

I haven’t had the need to do this yet but thanks to @StephenCronin asking this question. With Firefox 4 out yesterday, there are many extension developers who haven’t updated their add-ons yet. Or you may want to test your website on Firefox 3 while using Firefox 4 simultaneously. Whatever the reason maybe, here is how […]

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How to Use Gmail’s iPad Interface in Your Desktop?

Google just rolled out a nice two-pane Gmail interface for the Apple iPad and other tablet devices like NotionInk ADAM. If you have been wondering if you could try it out in your desktop without selling an arm and a leg for an Apple iPad, you are in luck. It’s the age-old switching user agent […]

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Browser HTML5 & CSS3 Readiness Infographic

An incredibly useful website to check on support offered by different browsers for the new HTML 5 specification. Of course, made with HTML 5 & CSS 3. Pretty sweet, isn’t it? [via Daring Fireball]  

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BlackSheep Protects Against FireSheep

I wrote about a Firefox extension, FireSheep, that could let someone else on the same public WiFi connection as you could log into your social networking accounts. Eric Butler released Fire Sheep download with a good intention to show the seriousness of how lax the login procedures are for most of the popular social networking […]

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What is FireSheep and How to Protect Yourself?

I am going to be traveling a lot this month and probably end up using a lot of free WiFi access points. So, when I came across FireSheep I had to write about it. FireSheep, in essence, is a Firefox extension that can sniff out your login information to many sites and let a stranger […]

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Download Firefox 5 Beta Now

Firefox has taken a page out of Google Chrome‘s development cycle. I can’t even remember how many months passed by before we updated from version 3 to Firefox 4.  With the new faster development cycle, Firefox is moving into a rapid development process. Under the Rapid Release Firefox, you can expect to see cutting edge […]

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Show/Hide Firefox Address Bar Like Google Chrome

Google Chrome just introduced a cool feature which lets you maximize the browser space you have by letting you easily show/hide the address bar. Firefox is not be out done by Chrome for long. With the Firefox extension – LessChrome HD, you can get the same show/hide address bar feature in Firefox. Once installed (no […]

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List of Slowest Firefox Extensions

Mozilla has pushed the envelope with the shutdown and startup times of its Firefox 4 browser. In fact, I am really thrilled to see it match the startup times of Google Chrome. However, there are still a few Firefox add-ons that could cause a slowdown. Mozilla has taken a step to push add-on developers to […]

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Download Firefox 4.0 Now – Update Coming Tomorrow

Mozilla has announced that their next big release – Firefox 4 is coming tomorrow. However, if you would like to grab the final Firefox 4.0 public version now you do so now. Download Firefox 4.0 If that server is overloaded, you can also try to download it from here.

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Mozilla Introduces Web Apps

Google had me interested in the idea of Web OS and web apps when they introduced Chrome OS last December. As any religious tech enthusiast, I applied for their Chrome CR-48 notebook pilot program and got in. I have been using Chrome OS for weeks and I can’t explain the difference to my wife. Every […]

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Home Dash Rekindles My Love for Firefox

I have been an avid Firefox user for many many years. However, sometime over the last year I have started using Google Chrome as my main browser for Gmail, Google Reader, Facebook, etc. mainly for its speed. I still use Firefox for web development efforts. The Firefox extensions available for this is unmatched. With Firefox […]

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