Mozilla Introduces Web Apps

Google had me interested in the idea of Web OS and web apps when they introduced Chrome OS last December.

As any religious tech enthusiast, I applied for their Chrome CR-48 notebook pilot program and got in.

I have been using Chrome OS for weeks and I can’t explain the difference to my wife. Every Chrome OS webapp opens as a new tab in the browser. What’s the advantage?

Mozilla has just announced their own Web app initiative and they have done a far better job at explaining what a web app is.

Check out the following video:

Web apps are more like widgets in desktop. You can use those separate objects for unique tasks and you can grab them and rearrange them. You can send it to your mobile phone. You can use it on more than one website.

Google definitely has to find a way to get the message clear to its users – both techie and non-techie kind.

Mozilla made Firefox. I am interested in what they can make out of this web app initiative.

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