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Best Dropbox Hacks and Dropbox Portable

Best Dropbox Hacks and Dropbox Portable

Dropbox has literally changed the way I do things in the Internet. If you haven’t heard of Dropbox, it is an online file synchronization service with the following cool useful features: File Sync between multiple computers Cross platform support – Windows. Linux & Mac No complicated interface – runs in the background and access via […]

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Thinking Twice About Dropbox Security & Alternatives

If you are a reader of this blog for any length of time, you’d know that I am huge proponent of Dropbox. However, Dropbox recently came into a lot of fire when they changed their terms of service indicating that they have access to all the data stored by their users. As with any cloud […]

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Greplin is Google For Your Personal Accounts

Most of us use Google to search for information on the web. One search engine for the entire web. How do we search for information in various accounts we have on web services like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter. We search them individually as if they are all silos. A new web service called Greplin breaks down […]

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10 Best Newborn Baby Photography Tips For Parents

I am a big fan of photography and read lots and lots on this topic. You can find my amateur attempts at photography here. With our 2 week old newborn son, I have been trying to take some good photographs of him to capture some of those rare moments we want to cherish later in […]

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Stream Movies, Music From Desktop to iPhone, iPad, Android with Plex

I have used a couple of media servers to stream my movies and music collection from my desktop to our Sony Playstation 3 and watch it in our big screen TV. TVersity and PS3 Media Server have worked well for their purpose. I have also dabbled with XMBC a little. However, with our 2 week […]

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Amazon Launched App Store With 3800 Android Apps

Amazon has just made a play in the mobile apps market with their own App Store. They are hoping to be the iTunes equivalent of Android apps. What is interesting is that Google has their own Android Marketplace that the current Android users are used to downloading apps from. Amazon AppStore can be downloaded by […]

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Book a Hotel Room With a View with Room77

How many times have you booked a hotel room and wished it had a better view out the window? is a new hotel room search engine service that lets you find hotel rooms with views. Room77 has a database of around half a million hotel rooms in 2500 properties. Most of the hotels in […]

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A Good Free Firewall & Anti Virus Suite – Comodo

Comodo is unique and has become my favorite as it combines the 2 most important utlities for any Windows computer – anti-virus & firewall.

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Bend Editor – Sleek and Simple Windows Text Editor

I turn to Notepad++ for all my text editing needs. It is free, open source and extensible with functions. Like Firefox, it is the swiss-army knife of code editors. You can get any feature on it with the right plugins. However, it lacks sorely in visual interface and it looks so drab and it can […]

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TweetDeck Gets Google Buzz, FourSquare & More

TweetDeck is an amazing desktop Adobe AIR app for Twitter. But, it has been adding support for other social networks as well making it a one app to have in your desktop to access all your social network accounts! TweetDeck version 0.34 just came out with some amazing additions and here is a quick run […]

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Dropbox Hack: Dropbox Folder Sync

I love Dropbox hacks and promote the Dropbox free account with all my heart to my readers. As a Dropbox user you might know that Dropbox syncs everything under the main ‘My Dropbox’ folder in your computer. If you wanted to sync a folder outside of Dropbox folder, you had to jump through hoops to […]

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Dropbox Delivers Android app, iPad app and Mpbile API

Dropbox is an amazing little file sync/backup solution that just works. I highly recommend it to all my users to give it a try. You get a free 2GB account when you sign up. If you already use Dropbox, you are in for a little treat. Dropbox is now available as an Android app for […]

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Take Virtual Tours of Indian Temples

Indian temples are known for their heritage and architecture. They offer a great glimpse on the history behind them and the people who built them. I was fortunate enough to visit a lot of South Indian temples in many family trips we took while growing up. I have always been amazed at the architecture and […]

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WePad – iPad Alternative from Germany

Apple iPad has been selling like hotcakes and in fact the iPad 3G version is due to come out this week. We looked at an iPad – Notion Ink’s ADAM – alternative earlier and this is the second one in that series. No offense to Apple iPad owners, we dedicate a whole section in our […]

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The Tiger Woods Economy Via

The Tiger Woods Economy Via

The image describes it all! (click on the image for a full size view) Budget Planner –

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