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Convert Your Ubuntu Linux to a Mac With Macbuntu

As a fan of technology, I am not tied to any particular OS. I use Windows XP on my work laptop, Ubuntu Linux 10.04 on my work desktop, run Windows 7 on my home desktop and Mac OS X on my 21.5” Apple iMac. I like to try the best of breed apps in all […]

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Ubuntu Unity Keyboard Shortcuts Wallpaper

Ubuntu Unity 11.04 is out for everyone now. The Unity interface is a huge overhaul and has a ton of new features and keyboard shortcuts. If you are a power user or want to be one, knowing keyboard shortcuts (or atleast having them close by) is a surefire way to that. AskUbuntu has created a […]

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Blogilo – Windows Live Writer for Ubuntu Linux

When I am looking for a blogging software I need to be able to quickly create blog posts, add images, format the text, add links, attach categories & tags, set permalink for post url, schedule blog post, etc.

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Best of FREE Linux Apps

We covered a list of best free Mac OS X apps few weeks back. It’s time to show the love to the penguin. Lifehacker has again come up with an incredible list of free linux apps. A lot of the apps are what I use as well. So, here it is with a few of […]

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Dropbox Updated for Ubuntu 9.10

Dropbox Updated for Ubuntu 9.10

Ubuntu 9.10 dubbed Karmic Koala was recently released. One of the major features was the introduction of a file sync service from Ubuntu with 2GB free space. Dropbox has long offered support for Ubuntu Linux. And they have answered yet again by updating it for Ubuntu 9.10. If you’d like to try Dropbox or even […]

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Download Official Ubuntu Linux 10.10 Manual for FREE

Are you or someone you know getting started with Ubuntu Linux (or Linux in general)? Ubuntu has an official user manual for Ubuntu Linux 10.10. The manual compiled by the Ubuntu Manual Team is 158 pages long and it has comprehensive instructions from getting started to advanced topics. You download the PDF version of the […]

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audible linux

Audible Linux – How to Install in Ubuntu?

Audible has one of the largest collections of best audiobooks. Amazon certainly knew that when bought them recently. In spite of wide spread reviews, Audible linux is far from a reality for most linux enthusiasts. One of the machines I use daily is a Ubuntu linux desktop. Audible works fantastic with iTunes on Windows and Mac. […]

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UberStudent – Linux for Students and Academic Success

Traditional Linux operating system distributions come packed with everything – applications, toys, media apps, games, utlities, etc. If you are a student or part of an educational institution you may looking for something more tuned to getting things done in this space than entertainment. UberStudent is an Ubuntu-like Linux distribution geared especually for students, learners, […]

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