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Mozilla Labs Brings Out a Social Sharing Firefox Extension

I am a huge fan of software from Mozilla Labs – Firefox being one the graduates from there. They also brought out several interesting ones like Mozilla Prism, Ubiquity, Firefox Sync, BeSpin,  etc. F1 is a new social sharing Firefox extension. Once installed, it makes it easy to share web links and content via Twitter, […]

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Download Firefox 4 Beta 10 Now

Firefox 4 has been in the making for a long time. As always with major Firefox releases, it is going through intensive beta testing. Firefox 4 has now reached beta 10 and includes over 500 bugfixes. Firefox 4 includes some major feature changes and additions like Instant website ID Private browsing Anti-virus software Crash protection […]

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BlackSheep Protects Against FireSheep

I wrote about a Firefox extension, FireSheep, that could let someone else on the same public WiFi connection as you could log into your social networking accounts. Eric Butler released Fire Sheep download with a good intention to show the seriousness of how lax the login procedures are for most of the popular social networking […]

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What is FireSheep and How to Protect Yourself?

I am going to be traveling a lot this month and probably end up using a lot of free WiFi access points. So, when I came across FireSheep I had to write about it. FireSheep, in essence, is a Firefox extension that can sniff out your login information to many sites and let a stranger […]

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Show/Hide Firefox Address Bar Like Google Chrome

Google Chrome just introduced a cool feature which lets you maximize the browser space you have by letting you easily show/hide the address bar. Firefox is not be out done by Chrome for long. With the Firefox extension – LessChrome HD, you can get the same show/hide address bar feature in Firefox. Once installed (no […]

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List of Slowest Firefox Extensions

Mozilla has pushed the envelope with the shutdown and startup times of its Firefox 4 browser. In fact, I am really thrilled to see it match the startup times of Google Chrome. However, there are still a few Firefox add-ons that could cause a slowdown. Mozilla has taken a step to push add-on developers to […]

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Home Dash Rekindles My Love for Firefox

I have been an avid Firefox user for many many years. However, sometime over the last year I have started using Google Chrome as my main browser for Gmail, Google Reader, Facebook, etc. mainly for its speed. I still use Firefox for web development efforts. The Firefox extensions available for this is unmatched. With Firefox […]

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Xmarks Browser Sync Service Announces Shutdown

I have been using Xmarks since it’s early debut in Firefox as Foxmarks extension. Xmarks is a free cross-platform browser sync service that kept bookmarks, passwords, history, etc in sync between multiple computers and even across browsers. I was happily using it to sync my bookmarks between Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari in Apple iMac as […]

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Firefox 4 New Features, Tips and Beta Download

Firefox has been facing a lot of competition from Google Chrome which has been slowly eroding Firefox’s market share. Mozilla is answering back with the release of Firefox 4 showing their fans that they are still in the leading edge in adopting open standards and technologies in their flagship browser. Firefox 4 Beta 1 New […]

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Mozilla Weave Sync Graduates As Firefox Sync

Weave Sync from Mozilla has been available as a Firefox add-on in beta versions. I have been following it closely as it promises to deliver what Xmarks – a Firefox add-on that syncs Firefox bookmarks, passwords, etc. to the cloud and your other Firefox browsers – delivers now. Weave Sync also added tab sync in […]

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Google Chrome Extensions for Web Development

I primarily use Firefox with extensions like Firebug, Web Developer, etc., for my web development efforts. Lately, Google Chrome is looking more and more attractive for a variety of things including web development. I just recently came across the Extensions for Web Development for Google Chrome page. Google Chrome has a built-in Firebug like tool […]

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Firefox Extensions: Picks of the Week 10-05-04

It doesn’t matter how many new browsers come to the forefront Firefox still does the job for me with its extensive browser add-ons. Google Chrome is catching up in the extensions space but Firefox still is in the lead for me and my specific tasks. I have found a few more great add-ons that I […]

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Firefox Picks of the Week 10-03-10 Tabs Edition

It’s been a while since I last posted on Firefox add-ons that some of you might have been convinced that I have switched to Google Chrome or even Safari with our recent 21.5” Apple iMac purchase. I am still a hardcore Firefox fan but I just have been keeping my Firefox running swift with a […]

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Getting Started With HTML & CSS Using Firebug

HTML & CSS are the the building blocks of websites on the Internet. If you want to get started with learning HTML and CSS, a book like Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML will get you to a flying start really quickly. My wife and I both used the Head First book to build […]

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Google Chrome Gets Greasemonkey Scripts

Update: Make sure you check out the new Super Google Reader Chrome extension. I have been a huge fan of Firefox and write regularly on that topic here. But, I have to admit that Google Chrome has been sneaking slowly into my workflow anytime I needed a second browser. Google Chrome is super fast to […]

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