Google Chrome Extensions for Web Development

I primarily use Firefox with extensions like Firebug, Web Developer, etc., for my web development efforts.

Lately, Google Chrome is looking more and more attractive for a variety of things including web development. I just recently came across the Extensions for Web Development for Google Chrome page.


Google Chrome has a built-in Firebug like tool you can use to Inspect Element in any web page. Also, there are a good number of extensions that can make Google Chrome your only web development browser you’ll ever need.

  • Web Developer – Same as the Firefox extension but much snazzier
  • Chrome Editor – Edit HTML right from within the browser
  • MeasureIT – A ruler tool just like the Firefox add-on
  • Speed Racer – Nice website performance analysis tool
  • CSS Reloader – Reload CSS without reloading the page
  • Aviary Screen Capture – Quick screen capture tool
  • Resolution Test – Test your pages at different resolutions with an option to define your own resolution
  • Validity – Just press Ctrl+Alt+V  to validate the current page

You can check out more web developer extensions for Google Chrome in this page.

I terribly miss the full Firebug even though there is Firebug Lite for Google Chrome. Give web development on Chrome a shot and let me know if Google Chrome is on par with Firefox now with all these good extensions.

Oh, and you can find my favorite Firefox add-ons in the Top Firefox extensions page.

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