Simple Task Management with Todoist

We are faced with mounds of tasks everyday. We get through them and attack them and get them out of our way in different ways. And we forget some of them resulting in stress not just to us but even to people around us.

Task Management tools aim at aiding this aspect of your life. I have discussed a few other task management apps tagged ’GTD’ after the popular book by David Allen, Getting Things Done. I have read pieces of this concept here and there and tried it but I am picking this book up for a complete read this weekend from our local library.

Regular ShanKri-la readers might know that I use Remember the Milk (RTM) for my personal task management and d-cubed for work related (project oriented) tasks. However, after reading Getting Things Done I want to implement this into RTM and I’ll document here in the coming weeks. Check back here or subscribe to the ShanKri-la feed to keep track of the happenings at ShanKri-la.

For someone looking for a very simple, web 2.0ish web-based task management application, this might be what you are looking for. (but it is not Beta and does not have a fancy logo)

Todoist – Useful, fast and easy to use

If you like ajaxy interfaces and simple to-do lists, Todoist is going to fit the bill. It’s interface is simple, intuitive and quick. Better yet, it’s free. If you are an average user and if your needs for task management aren’t as complicated as Google’s Todoist page rank algorithm, then I have a feeling you’ll like Todoist.

Some quick facts about this quick web app:

  • A simple and clean interface with lots of ajaxy goodness
  • Folders/projects offer hierarchies (collapsible too)
  • Built-in calendar
  • Easy addition of tasks & setting priority
  • Keyboard shortcuts for power users
  • Mobile access
  • Widgets available for Netvibes & iGoogle

Why do we need one more GTD tool? Every application isn;t built equal. What works for one person is not guaranteed to work for another. And I am always in the lookout for better applications and I like to see what’s out there every now and then. I gave Todoist a whirl when I read about it and I am sticking with Remember the Milk as it is the best fit for my needs right now.

There are several other players in this arena. Most of the web apps make it easy to sign for a free account and it will only take a few minutes to check out a new player.

As much as finding these tools and tweaking them to your needs are fun, don’t get side tracked by all these in your goal of getting things done. A good GTD tool should let you spend the least time configuring and tweaking it and rather let you concentrate at the task at hand. I think Todoist does that well as well.

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One Response to “Simple Task Management with Todoist”

  1. Garry Conn June 20, 2007 at 5:24 pm #

    Man, I really need something to keep me organized! 🙂
    I have a lot on my plate and many irons in the fire!