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Waxing and Whining

Waxing and Whining

Dig this: It’s a balmy summer’s day, in a very picturesque house by the beach, on a outdoor patio with a thatched roof, with flowing cotton curtains, a tall Brazilian model with extra long legs, a hulk of a guy with an oiled up body, a bubbling Jacuzzi foaming up steam, a bottle of champagne […]

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Pedro Report: Fib..Fabrication..Fantasy

Premise: The Résumé of an IT professional is the most concocted document in this Solar System. The English language has a variety of words to differentiate a fib from fantasy.  Here are some words to describe the inexactitude in such IT resumes and a sample of such creative fabrication: Note: Comments are in italics BS […]

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Les Vulnerables

Last weekend, few of us friends were planning to meet at a restaurant in Detroit some 100 miles away from our home town Lansing. On our way, we stopped at a friend’s place to say “hello”. We always communicated well with each other. In fact our communication was so good, that Nortel Networks was planning […]

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Analyticus 2K7

OCD Corporation came out with their new line of computers called Analyticus 2K7 and it seems to be the most wanted tech toy in the market. Our friend Paul, got one for his birthday from his pretty wife Marsha. Analyticus 2K7 processes most requests that includes home budget calculation, Reminder System, Lawn watering, Kids’ routines, Pet care, […]

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Dotcom Names

Intelligent Software Engineer: Perfect Software Engineer: Perfect Project Manager: Perfect Software User: Software Tester: Car Mechanic: Proctologist: Cosmetic Surgeon: Funeral Home: Dentist: Chinese Culinary Teacher: Women’s Table Tennis player: Korean Piano tuner: Priest: Asian Indian Recipes: Thai Ice Hockey Team: […]

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Productivity of a Software Engineer

This is an aggregation of inputs from a few software engineers. On an average, a software engineer runs late everyday. The idea in their little heads is that, he or she left work late the previous day (That was actually a half-hearted compensation for the extra long lunch, the day before). The moment he arrives, you can […]

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Project Status Meeting: Status quo

The scenario: Weekly status meeting for a software project contracted to a software development company. Scheduled duration is 2 hours. All stakeholders present. The story: Wilma, the secretary sends out an appointment to all the stakeholders and books a conference room. She forgets to send the agenda but never fails to order coffee and bagels. […]

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The Men’s Room Hand Washing Systems (patent pending)

1. Objective: To enable all users of the Men’s room to effectively sanitize their hands before they step out of the comfort station after every use. 2. Users: All users of the Men’s room. If you thought only men used Men’s room, sorry, you are gravely mistaken. Try any one of the busy clubs in […]

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Please give a big hand to Pedro !

I know everyone here is putting up with my monotonous writing style and probably fall asleep halfway through reading a post. I do appreciate that. Not the sleeping part but the trying to read bit. It’s time to shake things up at ShanKri-la and inject some liveliness. I thank Pedro for accepting to be a […]

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