List of Slowest Firefox Extensions

Mozilla has pushed the envelope with the shutdown and startup times of its Firefox 4 browser. In fact, I am really thrilled to see it match the startup times of Google Chrome.

However, there are still a few Firefox add-ons that could cause a slowdown. Mozilla has taken a step to push add-on developers to optimize their extensions. In that light, they have published the slowest Firefox extensions.

Some of the top 10 extensions in the list

  1. Foxlingo
  2. Firebug
  3. Antiweather
  4. FlashGot
  5. FoxClocks
  6. FoxyTunes
  7. Video DownloadHelper
  8. FastestFox
  9. Xmarks
  10. SimilarWeb

I use Firebug and Xmarks on all my Firefox installs. And I have to agree that Firefox is screaming fast without them. But, I am willing to sacrifice a little for those are some useful extensions.

I hope that the extension developers take this to heart and improve performance now that they are in this ‘Hall of Shame’.

Which of these extensions do you have installed and have been blaming the sluggishness on Firefox?

Mozilla Slowest Firefox Extensions

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