Xmarks Browser Sync Service Announces Shutdown

I have been using Xmarks since it’s early debut in Firefox as Foxmarks extension.

Xmarks is a free cross-platform browser sync service that kept bookmarks, passwords, history, etc in sync between multiple computers and even across browsers.

I was happily using it to sync my bookmarks between Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari in Apple iMac as well as Apple iPhone. It was one of the best browser sync services that worked across browser platforms seamlessly.

Xmarks just announced in a blog post that they are closing down their business in 90 days. The founder of the service, Todd, goes into great detail about how the service came to life and their trials and tribulations over the year leading to this tough decision.

The main reason being the inability to monetize this service in light of every browser coming up with their own sync service. For eg. Firefox has Firefox Sync and Chrome has Google Sync, etc.


Even though there are a few Xmarks alternatives there isn’t one that is cross-platform like Xmarks was. I am really saddened to see this service die but hope to see this void get filled soon by another startup.

Xmarks has put up a page with alternatives and I will be exploring my options as well in the coming weeks. I will write another post as to how I am going to forego this convenience and find an alternative.

If you already have figured this out, please share it in the comments.

{ via Xmarks blog }

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