Firefox Extensions: Picks of the Week 09-03-03

It looks like Firefox 3.1 is going to be delayed in it’s release until the second quarter of this year.

We still have some exciting new Firefox extensions to look at this week.

  • VideoSurf Videos at a Glance: As the name implies, this extension is a great one to have for those who watch a lot of online videos. For eg. you can make HD-compatible videos to play in high quality by default.
  • Moonlight: Missing out on running Microsoft’s Silverlight powered apps on Linux? Moonlight is an open source implementation of Silverlight for Unix systems.
  • Inline Code Finder: This is a add-on for the uber-popular Firebug extension. It gives you the power to traverse through all elements in a web page and finds a HTML element with the inline javascript events or links you need.
  • LinkExtend: Consolidates a slew of web site information services into a single extension – you get quick data on Pagerank, company ethics, malware checks via Web of Trust, McAfee SiteAdvisor, Google Safe Browsing, etc.
  • Xmarks: The popular Foxmarks Firefox extension has been rebranded to Xmarks. The new add-on gets site suggestions, smarter search with results on top of Google search and the bookmark sync between other computers as always. (more on Foxmarks)
  • Facette Delicious Connector: MITs Haystack group has come with an innovative way to view your delicious bookmarks by organizing tags in your account into facets. It also provides an enhanced version of a tagging tool.

As always, check your installed add-ons and remove the ones you haven’t used in a while. You can keep adding new and fun add-ons as well as keep your Firefox running zippy!

Greasemonkey Script of the Week

I love Greasemonkey Firefox Extension and I am going to feature a cool Greasemonkey script every week. Thanks to @StephenCronin for the tweet on this one.

  • Real time Twitter Search Results – We are turning to Twitter more and more for real time news. This GM script adds the top 5 Twitter search results for the term you are Googling for.


Check out some of the best Google Greasemonkey scripts here.

Firefox Theme of the Week

Gradient iBlu is another cool dark theme with shades of blue blended nicely in various places. It’s kind of modern as well as will fit nicely with your dark desktop theme.


I will be back with more cool Firefox extensions shortly. In the mean time, you can browse the other posts in this series or go straight to the Top Firefox Extensions list to find the best of the best.

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11 Responses to “Firefox Extensions: Picks of the Week 09-03-03”

  1. kim March 4, 2009 at 8:11 am #

    the extension are cool , i already looked for extension like this for a while.
    Im looking for an red-grey theme u got one?

  2. ArticleEDU March 4, 2009 at 5:02 pm #

    Very cool list of addons for FF.

  3. manfred March 5, 2009 at 10:14 am #

    i like the moonlight extension is cool, and thanks for all these themes.

  4. Lee Lorenzen March 6, 2009 at 4:45 pm #

    If you like IE8’s Accelerators feature but don’t want to give up Firefox (see ).

    NEWS ALERT (and shameless plug): KallOut Accelerators for Firefox was shipped in the Firefox Public Directory only yesterday (March 5, 2009).

    Since KallOut for Firefox works as a browser add’-on, it is available for Mac, PC, Linux and since KallOut for Firefox is not a Microsoft product, it features all the best-of-breed sites in its context menu vs. a suite of Microsoft-only default offerings. I encourage you to check it out and predict that you will come to love its “BestGuess” search suggestions which are at the top of KallOut’s context menu that lists each of the sites that the user can send their selected text to as part of a search term.

    This new category of “selection-based search” (see has the possibility of becoming as important as search toolbars which now account for 10% of all searches (NOTE: roughly $2 billion in CPC revenue is derived from searches that start in search toolbars). In the same way that search toolbars allow consumers to search faster by avoiding going to Google’s home page, KallOut takes search outside the box by allowing you to search using only your mouse.

    Please try the product out and see if you don’t like it much better than IE8’s accelerators. And, once you’re comfortable with it in your Firefox browser, you can try out the Windows desktop version of KallOut that gives you the same functionality over IE6, IE7, Chrome, Word, Outlook, Powerpoint, Excel, Adobe Reader, etc.


    Lee Lorenzen
    CEO, KallOut – Search Outside the Box™

    cell: 831-595-7501


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