Firefox Tip: Use Search Box as a Searchable Multi-item Clipboard

I love Lifehacker and the community around it.

Here is an awesome Firefox tip for those who are still loyal to this amazing browser.

This tip is one of those that has been right under our nose but it took a genius to point it out.

As you know, the Firefox search box remembers your previous search terms. But, you can use this functionality to remember your clipboard items instead.


Just paste and hit enter on any item you want to store in the csearch box. Later, you just need to type a few words to search your clipboard for items you pasted.

Since you can use your Awesome bar to do Google searches, you can start using the search box exclusively as a clipboard. It will be populated as long as you don’t clear your search history.

The search box can also be dragged with the handle to make it wider or narrower.

{ via Lifehacker }

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