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Originally posted 2008-12-11 16:36:51.

WordPress 2.7 is here! As usual the WordPress community has been very active even when WordPress 2.7 was in beta and were publishing a lot of good resources. I have been reading them and collecting them.

What’s new in WordPress 2.7

Upgrading to WordPress 2.7

Before you upgrade to WordPress 2.7, here are a few things to check:

Advanced WordPress 2.7 Resources

If you are a WordPress theme or plugin developer, a few of these articles could come in handy to make your theme or plugin compatible with WordPress 2.7 if you haven’t already done so.

Plugins for WordPress 2.7

  • Compatibility Notes
    Compatibility Notes is a simple WordPress plugin that will attach a list of supported WordPress versions to every plugin’s description on the “Plugins” page.
  • Post Notes
    On its own, this plugin adds a text area on the sidebar of the add and edit post pages so that users can add notes for themselves or others.
  • 20+ WordPress 2.7 Compatible plugins
    Mashable has put together a great list of plugins your shiny new 2.7 install can handle.
  • Make Simple Tags Plugin Work
    Ask VG has this hack to make Simple Tags plugin work in WordPress 2.7
  • Top WordPress Plugins
    A continously updated list of WordPress plugins by yours truly. Bookmark this to find new WP 2.7 compatible plugins.
  • 2.7 Plugin Compatibility List
    Codex has a list of plugins that are compatible with 2.7 and those that
    are known to have issues with 2.7. Check this list before you upgrade.

And, if you are wondering with so many significant changes in 2.7, why wasn’t it named as 3.0, this post Why 2.7 is not 3.0 will clear that up for you.

Also, Six Apart, the company behind the rival blog platform Movable Type has come out with WordPress 2.7 Upgrade Guide again! :-)

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