Tips for Using Google Voice in Gmail

Google announced the ability to make calls from within Gmail recently. It looks like it has been very popular among Gmail users and 10 million calls had been made as of Sep 1.

If you have your Google Voice number attached to your Gmail and use it to call people from within Gmail, Google Voice blog has a few useful tips

  • Call screening: When you see an incoming call notification in Gmail and you are not sure who is calling you, you can just hit ‘Screen’. The caller gets your voicemail and you can listen in as they leave a message. You can just click ‘Join’ if you want to pick up the call.
  • Switch calls between Gmail and phones: If you picked up a call on Gmail but you need to leave, just hit * on Gmail dialpad and your other Google Voice forwarding phones will ring. You can just answer that and pick up the call there as you walk out the door without disconnecting the call.
  • Record incoming calls: For any reason should you want to record a call, just press 4 on the Gmail dialpad and the the call will be saved in your Google Voice inbox.
  • Click to dial Chrome extension: If you use Google Chrome browser, this extension is a must have. This lets you click on any number on any website or in email and dial with Google Voice.

Do you have your own tips for using Google Voice within Gmail, share it with us in the comments or tip me in twitter @KIntheHouse.

{ via Google Voice blog }

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