Take a Walk Down Your MemoLane

For those of us who are addicted to our social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, etc., there is no easy to way to view our ‘social’ history.

How can you see what you did for your last birthday?

How can you tell how you were ‘feeling’ on your last vacation?

MemoLane is a new startup in private beta that aims to aggregate your social life and show it to you in a beautiful timeline.

It is an online time machine where you can view your social network updates in a nice timeline. MemoLane becomes your personal time machine to go back in time to check what you have been up to.

Once signed in, you setup MemoLane with your different social network accounts. MemoLane works in the background to grab your updates and creates a beautiful timeline shown by the lines at the bottom of the page.

When you set up individual social network accounts, you are given a choice of making your updates public, or for memolane friends or totally private.

I set it up so my twitter updates are public, my Flickr & Facebook updates available to friends.

You can hover over the lines to select a date you are interested and view the happenings of the day.

You can easily browse through nearby dates with a scroll menu as well.

I was able to use the invite code ‘makeuseof’ to sign up for an account. You may be able to find an invite code by searching on Google.

Try MemoLane

Check out the following video demo

I really hope there will be an Apple iPad app for this service. It is just perfect for that medium any way you look at it.

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