Rainmaker Fills Your Google Contacts With Social Info

I have been using Google Contacts as my primary contacts database for a while now. I even sync my iPhone to Google Contacts and try to maintain a nice address book there.

But, with so many friends over at Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and their contact information different or incomplete in different areas it is a pain in the rear to keep them updated in Gmail.

I try to do that for people I stay in touch with all the time. But, that isn’t ideal if you wanted to know something about a person instantly without having to login to other networks and see what you can find out about them.

Recently, we looked a service called Rapportive that sits alongside Gmail and pulls public information about your contacts from a variety of social networks.


Rainmaker.cc is a new service that takes it one step further.


Rainmaker can sync your contact data from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and updates Google Contacts for you. You just connect Rainmaker with your social networks and it can pull in your contacts.

It nicely shows your contacts based on the business name as well as their name in a searcheable column. Once you select the person of interest, you just click on ‘Make it rain’ to sync info for that contact. That is counted as one raindrop.


Rainmaker is FREE for 25 one-time raindrops and there are plans you can purchase that gives you monthly raindrops to use. You can see the pricing here in this image


You can set your contacts to update any time there is a change in real time. Also, you can choose to connect with contacts automatically on LinkedIn and follow contacts on Twitter while setting this up.

You can just sign in with your Gmail account and try Rainmaker for free.  The service holds true to its name and you can see rain reference everywhere starting from the plan names.

Try Rainmaker

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