Instant Fat Trimming For Your Twitter Account

If you are on Twitter, you will really like this new tool I just found.

I have come across many tools and recommendation service including Twitter’s own now-extinct recommendation list to find and follow new people.

After being on Twitter for more than 2 years I have the ‘following too many people’ bloat. I follow way too many people and I can’t remember why I follow some of them for the life of me.

Manage Twitter let’s you find Twitter users who aren’t following you back, users who have been inactive and for how long, users who are talkative or quiet, etc.



You can look through inactive users and simply unfollow them all in one shot.


I simply love the simplicity with which I could clean up my Twitter feed. I have been following dead accounts, really really talkative accounts, and people I once found interesting but no longer relevant to my interest now, etc. I was able to unfollow close to a 100 people in under 5 minutes!

All you have to do is connect ManageTwitter to your account using OAuth and then it loads up your account and presents with the screen as shown in the first screenshot. Then it’s easy going from there.

Check out today.

Hardly the time to pimp our Twitter accounts. But, hey now that you have unfollowed some unwanted accounts, here are a few of our interesting ones to consider:

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