Good Reads: Buzz in Blogs 2008-01-22

I have my greatest respect to those who are diligent in writing posts everyday for their blogs. I have so far stuck to a schedule that works for me which 4-5 posts a week and sometimes more. I absolutely love blogging but I do that in spare time after work and in weekends.

I have tried to schedule posts but that just doesn’t work for my style. I like to post things that are on my mind that day as I think that lets me have a conversation about it not just in the post but in the comments as well with you.

It has its obvious disadvantages too with the blog getting neglected when ‘daily life’ interferes. In a blog where ‘technology meets daily life’ (ShanKri-la’ 😉 ), I’m sure you’d understand that as a reader.

We had some of our good friends over past weekend and my wife and I were busy playing hosts. Here are some of the posts that caught my attention in the past few weeeks and I wanted to share them with you in this week’s roundup:

  • The Hardest Thing I’ve Ever Done – RT of Untwisted Vortex
    I have been reading RT’s blog ever since I saw his comments in my buddy Matt’s blog He has a very personal blog and that is one of the reasons he has a great community around it.
    RT wrote a post on a personal difficulty he was facing with his wife’s illness and he was completely taken by a storm of genuine goodwil from the blogosphere. You can read all about it in this post and also check out various bloggers who helped spread the word. I wish I was able to post this in time to help spread the word myself. RT, in an attempt to pay back, writes about how the road to success is paved with stones of failure.
  • How to Show Bidvertiser Feed Ads to Current Subscribers – Step-By-Step Guide – IngaOz of NiggyBuzz
    Bidvertiser is a popular alternative to Google Adsense and they have now started offering advertisements for your RSS feed. IngaOz shos you how you can add Bidvertiser ads to your RSS feed in simple steps.
  • A Few Good Domains For Sale – Kyle of SlickMania
    My good friend Kyle of Kyle’s Cove has rebranded his site to (RSS). Make sure you get his new RSS feed and check out his redesign effort as well.
    Kyle is one of the most friendly and helpful bloggers out there. He has opened up his domain portfolio for those interested in getting some good domain names that are for sale.
  • New Gmail for the iPhone – Official Gmail Blog
    iPhone users with Gmail accounts just got a sweet treat from the Gmail team. Gmail on iPhone now sports a new interface with 2 slick features added. New mail pre-fetching is going to make getting to new emails faster. Also, when you want to get to a contact, now auto-complete works making it easier to get to the contacts with a few letters.
  • Make Your DVDs View on Demand and Save Space, Too! – Tim of Daily Cup of Tech
    Tim of DCOT shows how you can use some cheap hardware and free software to build a on demand movie library from your DVD collection.
  • Enso – A Humane Program Launcher – My post at TechieBuzz
    I have been using Launchy so far and I liked it. When I came across Enso Launcher, I almost wrote this post with a title ‘Is Enso Launcher a Launchy Killer?’. Then I realized that Launchy is popular because it is simple to use by everybody and Enso Launcher will become the tool of choice for those unafraid of doing things differently and learning new things. If you start using Enso Launcher, be warned of the mind-boggling productivity at your (Windows) computer you are going to start reaping from using it.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s roundup of some great posts from the blogs I read.

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2 Responses to “Good Reads: Buzz in Blogs 2008-01-22”

  1. Kyle Eslick January 23, 2008 at 1:49 am #


    Thanks for the link (though it looks like the link is broken). Its the thought that counts! :mrgreen:

    Some good stuff included in this post, thanks for the heads up on this! (Got 2 new subscriptions!)

  2. K January 23, 2008 at 12:52 pm #

    Kyle, sorry about that. I have fixed it now. Glad you enjoyed the roundup and found some new ones for your reading list. 🙂