Home Buyers: The Hunt is on

This interesting concept caught my eye today! In today’s real estate market, where selling a home has become so hard, sellers are doing everything at their disposal to sell their property. Lot of sellers are offering concessions in closing costs. Some offer LCD tvs. I saw a couple of offers where they threw in a car with the deal. Today’s motto seems to be whatever it takes to sweeten the deal for the buyer.

Zillow.com, RealEstateABC.com have helped buyers search for homes in their areas with a touch of ajax in their interface.

Traditionally, it was the buyers who did a lot of searching until they found the house of their dream. BuyerHunt.com – Real Estate in Reverse’ hopes to change that.

BuyerHunt.com Here are the quick facts:

  • Buyers: Create a profile for free. BuyerHunt will index your data.
  • Sellers: Now, you have the power to search for buyers. Search for buyers in your area who are looking for homes like yours and send them a virtual flyer.
  • Cost: FREE
  • How does it work? Buyer can send personal information to the Seller if the house in the virtual flyer interests them and arrange for a showing with or without their agents.
  • BETA: Site is in BETA right now and it doesn’t have ads yet but in the future it might as they offer this service for free.

This question would be of particular interest to someone interested in listing their property as it may have some legal consequence if you are already listed with a Realty company.

My home is already listed with a Realty® company. Can I still use BuyerHunt™?

Absolutely! With or without professional representation, users can logon to BuyerHunt™ and create Buyer Profiles and Virtual Flyers. But, to protect against unwanted legal problems and complications, BuyerHunt™ strongly encourages both buyers and sellers to consult with real estate professionals.

Check out their FAQ for more details. It will be very interesting to see how this idea catches on. I see it as a great way to get your home to a targeted segment of buyers who are looking for homes just like yours in addition to the regular channels of Realty listings.

One shouldn’t forget the good old (and free) Craigslist when it comes to advertising for free.

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