Friday Fun: Best of Fark Edition & NCAA Scores by RSS

It’s been a while I have been on Fark. Everytime I stop by, I just laugh my ass off. Here are a few headlines that caught my eyes today:

  • Dumbass: If you plan to shoplift from a store, be sure you don’t leave behind any evidence that can tie you to the crime. Like your son. Awkward [link] – oh crap!
  • PSA: Apparently needs to be said: If two strangers in a parking lot offer you “a large sum of money” in return for your savings account information, do not give it to them [link] – this one needs to go into the dumbass category
  • Interesting: Remember how those nifty $50 fluorescent bulbs were going to solve America’s dependency on foreign oil? Turns out they will actually kill us while we sleep [link] – not everything is as it seems to be.
  • Amusing: Pics of what happens when an ATM malfunctions and starts giving out twice the amount of cash customers request. “It makes up for all the bank charges, I guess” [link] – I really wouldn’t want to be the guy/gal who programmed that machine. Check out the pictures of the long line at that ATM. I know i would have been there in that line.
  • Silly: Man illegally poaches deer from his bathroom. And that’s not even the weird part [link] – wow!

Get NCAA Scores by RSS

March madness is on and you can keep track of NCAA scores during the day via RSS feeds from a cool service, You could get the scores by Sport or by team too if you don’t care about rest of the sports or teams than the one you are interested in.

The WWW Blog Contest

It’s been a while since I posted about contests. The WWW Blog is hosting a cool contest with prizes worth over $350 in value! This includes some cool cash prizes from sponsors, a chance to win some advertising space, some hosting packages, etc. Chetan is a dental student but has an interest in SEO, blogs and even a bunch of web directories as well. I like his style of writing and have subscribed to his RSS feed as he talks a bit about technology, mac apps, seo etc. Pretty much the stuff I like to read about. The contest ends on march 23rd and make sure you get your entries in before that.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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One Response to “Friday Fun: Best of Fark Edition & NCAA Scores by RSS”

  1. new zealand tourism March 21, 2008 at 3:26 pm #

    The scores via RSS feed is kind of cool, but with the games being fed live now I would rather have those.