Access Blocked Websites By Email

For some reason, my getting around blocked websites has received a tremendous response here. So, I figured I’d share another way you can get to blocked websites just by using your email. is a beta web service that lets you send an email with the url of the site you want as the subject. In a few minutes, you will receive an email with the page you requested in the email.


Go to and register/add your email address that you want to send and receive web pages as email.

Once you have registered, just send an email to with the URL need as the subject of the email.

It even works with search engines. Just send an email with the search engine name in the URL and the search text as the body of the email by adding “###” in front of the search text. For eg. if you wanted to search “unblock blocked websites”, you would enter this in the email body – “### unblock blocked websites”.

The nice thing about this is that when you click on any link in the email, it just opens a new mail with the link already added in the subject. You just need to hit send to receive the next page.

You can see this in action in this video.

This will work great for news sites and sites that don’t require a login. Otherwise I recommend you to checkout how to unlock websites with proxies.

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