DropBox Web – Redesigned with Bulk Operations

Dropbox is my favorite file sync software and one of its major advantages over others in the file sync area is their incredible web access to all your stored files and folders.

Dropbox Web just got prettier. Not only, did it get a nice UI redesign but they also added some very useful features to it

  • Multi-select on file browser
  • True bulk operations (with progress bar for large file operations)
  • The ability to download zip files of arbitrary sets of files/folders
  • Search on the file browser
  • Significant improvements to navigation
  • GMail style keyboard shortcuts (!)
  • Mobile optimized version of the site (for non iphone users) – iPhone version of Dropbox web has been available for a while.
  • Countless UI/usability improvements
  • New Getting Started tab (check it out for a surprise!)

Dropbox for Web

The ‘Getting Started Tab‘ does indeed have a nice surprise waiting. So, don’t miss clicking it!

Also, DropBox team has posted a nice background on how new features are added to Dropbox within their team in their blog post. It’s a good read if you like behind the scenes view of development.

Dropbox iPhone app has been submitted to Apple for approval and I am eagerly waiting for its arrival!

Try Dropbox Professional

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4 Responses to “DropBox Web – Redesigned with Bulk Operations”

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    hm, I don`t know that!

  2. pelican bay condominiums December 30, 2011 at 3:56 am #

    Same here. I’ve been waiting for a DropBox app and i think Apple still hasn’t approved it. I’m hoping that it would be available to the public next year since i really need it for my business.

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