Fastest Virus Web Scanner – NanoScan

Everything has to be fast these days. I talked about the fastest dictionary Ninjawords. Now, we have the fastest online malware scanner. If you want to know if your PC has any of the pesky viruses, trojans, spyware or other threats in 1 minute, Nanoscan claims to do it. Nanoscan by Panda

Quick facts:

  • It is small.. very small at 400kb but claims to detect over 780,000 threats!
  • It is an online scanner that uses Active-X control. So, it needs you to access the site with Internet Explorer web browser. Or if you use Firefox or Flock and use the IE Tab extension (lets you run IE within Firefox), you could run it that way as well.
  • Nanoscan detects ACTIVE threats only. if your system has been infected but the threats are laying low, there is no substitution for a good clean wipe down with all the usual antivirus, spyware, trojan, etc. removal tools.
  • Nanoscan won’t clean up your computer. It simply detects active threats.
  • It runs fast because it does signature matching against an online database they have put together.

Check out their FAQ to learn more about this product. And stay clean!!

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