Firefox Extensions: Picks of the Week 08-03-28

I have been a little busy this week and sorry for the slow posting this week. As my regular readers know, I try to put quality before quantity and rather post 3 good posts a week than just regurgitating news that’s circulating everywhere. I hope that don’t put you off.

Alright, I won’t keep you waiting anymore and let’s look at the new and shiny Firefox add-ons I have found this week:

  • Resizable TextArea – You can resize any textarea in a form while filing a complaint or while leaving a long-winded troll message in a blog. (please don’t use it here 😉 )
  • Zemanta – A content suggestion engine in the form of a Firefox add-on. While you are compiling a blog post, it analyzes your post and suggests relevant article links, pictures, etc from the Internet so you can make your post even more valuable. I love the idea of this and giving it a shot this week. It supports WordPress, Blogger & Typepad. [via Weblog Tools Collection]
  • OpenInWindow – If you are in the habit of separating your work by doing different kind of work in different Firefox Windows, you are probably copy and pasting links between each other. With this Firefox extension, you get a right-click context menu and you can choose to open your link in any of your open windows. [via Firefox Facts]
  • Craigslist Image Preview – For the last few weeks I have been using this cool Craigslist alternative interface for surfing the list. If you still use the original one, this Firefox extension adds thumbnail images with the listing without actually clicking through to the listing. [via Download Squad]
  • FavLoc – I use a folder named ‘Downloads’ to download everything and then organize things by moving portable apps to different folder and set up files to a folder to a ‘exe files’ folder, etc. With this cool extension, I can create different favorite locations and save directly to those! Wow, what a time saver. [via Firefox Facts again, thanks Mitch]
  • Customize Google – If you are one of those types who loves all kinds of optiosn to tweak, tweak, tweak until you get it just right to your satisfaction, you’ll love this extension. You get tons of options to adjust Google Search results with this extension. It is not new but has seen a lot of improvements and maybe it’s time to revisit. I know I am. [via gHacks]

New Firefox Add-ons Site Open

I had mentioned earlier that the new Firefox Add-ons site will be out with Firefox 3 release. But, it’s already live for our use and if you had clicked on any of the add-ons link above, you’d have noticed that already. If not, here is the new add-ons site.

How do you like the changed interface?

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One Response to “Firefox Extensions: Picks of the Week 08-03-28”

  1. andraz March 28, 2008 at 12:47 pm #

    Hy from Zemanta!

    We are really happy that you featured us on your blog!

    Please tell us your experience, give us a full review, tell us what we should improve on!

    We’d really like to hear. Also via email and via support forums!