Jaw-dropping Photorealistic CG Animation

If the title led you to think, huh another Avatar movie post, it’s not. No offense to Avatar fans, I am as much a fan of that movie as anyone out there.

But, I just started thinking how far computer-generated animations have come when I looked at these next set of videos I have linked here.

If you have watched movies like WALL-E or Avatar you might have seen some photographic technique effects in the movies. Alex Romen has built a great video of how beautiful and photorealistic CG animations could be.

The Third & The Seventh by Alex Romen has very interesting combination of architecture & photography camera techniques in the film.

If I hadn’t already told you it is computer generated it would have looked just like some jaw-dropping filimng but it is indeed jaw dropping CG animations. Check out the video here

Ok, are you skeptical about this video being CG animation and not an actual video? Check out the Compositing Breakdown video of how some of this was done.

Mind blowing, eh? Have a great weekend!

[via Peta Pixel]

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