MagicJack To Help Eliminate Cell Phone Overage Fees

MagicJack is the cheap internet phone gadget  that lets you make long distance phone calls in the US for $20/month!

Magicjack is smaller than a deck of cards and plugins in to your computer and once you plugin your phone to the Magicjack dongle, you can make phone calls for cheap from your home phone. image

I have dedicated a lot of posts on Majicjack device and you can read my Magicjack review here.

The company behind magicJack, YMax Corp., just announced at CES 2010 a new version of the device that allows free call from cell phones in the home.

The new Magicjack uses the radio frequencies that your cell phone uses to give you the ability to use the MagicJack service to make phone calls. The new Magicjack dongle will recognize compatible cell phones in a 8 feet range and places a call to it. Once the user enters a short code, the cell phone is linked to Magicjack and as long as the phone is within range (a 3000 sq-ft home) Magicjack routes the calls to itself, over the Internet than the cell phone carrier’s networks.

This is incredible as you get to save your cell phone minutes as long as you are in the range of your Magicjack device!

This move my YMax Corp is ruffling a few feathers in the cell phone industry as the ridiculously high cell phone overage charges are one of their main income streams.

Also, it appears that MagicJack will be using the radio frequencies the cell phone carriers have spent billions to license without their permission. YMax Corp., says they are well within the legal boundaries as the network frequency rules don’t extend inside a home.

The new Magicjack is actually based on the ‘femtocells’ technology we are starting to see cropping up everywhere. They use the carrier’s licensed spectrum to connect to a phone then route the calls over the home broadband connection. It improves the coverage inside the home and offload capacity. But, they are pretty expensive at the moment.

We have been using MagicJack for a few years now and don’t miss the humongous landline phone bill we used to pay. We now pay $20/year for an unlimited landline phone connection!

YMax says this new version will be available in the market in 4 months. It will cost the same as the older version – $40 the first year (includes the device + 1 year of service) and $20/year after that.

I am tied to my iPhone all the time even when I am home and would love to use Magicjack’s network right from my iPhone and not use my AT&T cell phone minutes.

I already recommend magicJack to all my friends and readers and this makes buying one of these even more compelling.

I have to wait to see what cell phone networks would be supported, if we would have to buy a dongle again by paying $40, if I can still keep the current MagicJack number, etc.

What do you think of this new version of Magicjack?

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