NotionInk has Announced Pricing on Adam Tablet

NotionInk has been behind the much talked about Android based device – Adam tablet. The specs for the tablet device blew a lot of people, including me, out of the water.

NotionInk has finally announced pricing for their Adam tablet device. They had promised to keep it lower than the Apple iPad and they have delivered with lower pricing.


NotionInk is set to cost the same globally and you will pay the same no matter where you are. Adam tablet is to be available in LCD and Pixel Qi screen variants with Pixel Qi costing more.

  • LCD screen,WiFi – $375
  • LCD screen, WiFi, 3G – $425
  • Pixel Qi Screen, WiFi – $499
  • Pixel Qi Screen, WiFi, 3G – $549

Rohan Shravan, the brain behind Adam goes into great detail about the product in his blog post here.

Adam is available for pre-order by invitation only at the moment. And pre-orders for general public will open December 10 6:AM IST.

While this is great, there are a few big omissions that can make one nervous in placing a pre-order.

  • There is no shipping date mentioned anywhere
  • No professional product photos except for some screengrabs
  • No videos with someone holding and using the device
  • Any option to hook to Android marketplace, etc.

Maybe these will go live during the pre-order but it sure would be nice to have the details right now for anyone who are considering purchasing one.

Are you one who is interested in buying this tablet when it comes out?

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