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Twitter has become an integral part of information flow these days. It has to by now since I have been using it since 2007! 🙂

But, consuming Twitter on the web can get boring. Even the excellent Twitter desktop client like TweetDeck can only do so much in consuming that ever-flowing river of information.

How can you make it interesting to consume your Twitter content in an interesting way? is a web service that has made a great attempt at this. aims at presenting your Twitter feed like a daily newspaper.

Once you provide a Twitter username or a hashtag or a topic, will analyze that user and their followers and present the Twitter feed in an interesting format just like a daily newspaper.


When you do this for the first time, it could take some time for it to import you and your followers and process that information. Once done, it is automatically updated every 24 hours.

The newspaper contains content from your own tweets plus the people you follow. Check out the Top iPhone Resource newspaper I created for our sister iPhone blog at @TopiPhone. (I tweet at @KIntheHouse about various tech stuff. )

You can also retweet, reply, favorite, follow, unfollow directly from the papers you read. You can create multiple newspapers and also just search for newspapers already created and follow it. You can also promote your newspaper directly on Twitter right from

if you are a heavy Twitter user or want to see what Twitter is all about, provides an exciting new way to check it out and consume. is to Twitter where Feedly is for Google Reader.



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