Simple photo editing with Wiredness

It’s been a while since I have written about photo editors. I have talked earlier about Adobe Photoshop and its free open source alternative. I have a confession to make. I am a Photoshop illiterate. It just seems so complex and I get overwhelmed by all the features in it. To be honest, I just haven’t gone through my usual learning process of starting simple and building on it with photo editing. May be one of these days..

You would have probably noticed from my pictures that they are usually screenshots from web pages. But, an image speaks a thousand words and I always view blogs with such illustrative pictures that go with the content with envy. They must spend hours creating those pictures, right? Not.

They just use the right tools for the job. Now you can too. Wiredness

If you are into blogging and would like to do add some simple effects like black & white, sepia or adjust brightness & contrast in pictures, or resize it has never been so simple! Wiredness (Beta) is an online photo editing service that lets you do all the above and more.

Wiredness Quick facts:

  • Resize: The best feature of it has to the image resize slider tool. You just use the slider to resize the image visually to the size you want or you can specify exact measurement!
  • Effects: It offers a variety of effects like polaroid, watercolor, sepia, negate, etc. You can also adjust contrast, brightness, rotate, flip or remove red eyes.
  • Tools: It has a text overlay and an image overlay tool as well. But, the text overlay tool is limited to a single line and few formatting options.
  • Flickr integration: You can grab/search your flickr pictures right from within Wiredness, edit it and upload it back to Flickr!! How cool is that? It also offers Picasa Web Albums integration, but you might be better off using desktop Picasa in the first place but definitely will come in handy if you are on the road.
  • Upload options: You also have the option to upload to Glowfoto or ImageShack.
  • Ajax interface: All the above features are not anything to hold your breath about, but if you tried it the interface is something that will impress you. It is so simple and so fast it almost feels like a desktop app. And the menu is so intuitive and aids the user in completing the task quick and easy.

As I said, this is not a Photoshop replacement but if you are like me you will appreciate the quick image editing this offers. I use Photobucket for all ShanKri-la images and miss that integration. Mind you it’s still in Beta so integration with other popular services might be in the offing. Her’s something I did in less than a minute from a picture I had in Flickr!

Shankrila rocks!

Let’s hear what you use for your image editing. If you are a Photoshop user, we want to hear what you use for your online needs. Do you still turn to something like Wiredness because they integrate with other online services?

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One Response to “Simple photo editing with Wiredness”

  1. Chris June 9, 2007 at 7:43 pm #

    Looks a cool tool K, I shall have to look at it.

    I only do basic photo editing myself, and IrfanView and the amazing Paint.NET take care of my needs so far.