SublimeVideo is a Delicious HTML5 Video Player

Watching embedded videos and streaming videos were totally restricted to Adobe Flash based platforms on web browsers.

But, change is in the air.

HTML5, the newest version of the HTML language that powers the Internet, has brought native support for audio and video embedding without the need for browser plugins like Adobe Flash, Apple Quicktime or Microsoft Silverlight.

HTML5 is gaining traction lately with Google’s YouTube offering HTML5 version of videos. Facebook is just considering offering videos in HTML5. Apple has categorically denied Adobe Flash on their iPhone OS banning it from iPhone, iPod Touch and the most recent launch Apple iPad.

So, I decided to look at a promising new HTML5 player that’s about to come out soon.

SublimeVideo HTML5 Video Player

image (this is not a video embed.. click on the image to open video in a new window)

SublimeVideo is a HTML5 video player with the following cool features image

  • No browser plugin needed
  • Jump anywhere in the video to start buffering
  • Uniform UI across all browsers
  • Standlone pure Javascript library
  • Full-window mode with sleek zoom-in/zoom-out transitions, live resizing, advanced controls, spacebar for pause/play, etc.
  • Full screen mode
  • iPhone & iPad support
  • Supports Safar (v4.0.4+), Google Chrome (v4.0+), Firefox (v3.6+), Internet Explorer with Chrome Frame add-on

For browsers that don’t support HTML5 yet, it gracefully degrades (subjective I guess) to SublimeVideo Flash player. So, web publishers can use this without worries about user experience as it covers the entire gamut of users.

SublimeVideo is to be released soon and it is free for non-commercial purposes.

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  1. FaxianHu October 12, 2011 at 3:01 am #

    cool ,I love this!


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