VeeBeam Streams Anything From Your Laptop to TV

A lot of video content is now available online. Watching that content that you can already view on your laptop should be easy to be viewed on your television, right?

Veebeam is one other easy solution to this problem.

Veebeam is a box that makes it easy for you to stream any online content that you play on your laptop to your TV.

This is how it works


  1. Plugin Veebeam box into your TV
  2. Install Veebeam software on your laptop (Windows/Mac)
  3. Plug the USB antenna to your laptop
  4. Your laptop screen appears on your TV!

It’s that simple!

Veebeam box

Veebeam’s box is stylish in black color and has a nice contour to match any style living room. Veebeam comes in 2 flavors – SD and HD. The HD version comes with a good quality HDMI cable as well.

If you view a lot of HD content, it’s worth upgrading to the HD version. Plus, a lot of online sites are moving to HD so it would be a good investment as well.

What Veebeam Plays?

Veebeam can play in 2 modes – screencasting (default) and PlayTo modes. By default, Veebeam can play anything you play online irrespective of the formats. What you see on your laptop screen is what you see on your TV.

Veebeam player has a nice menu to access online content from Youtube, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu and other internet sites.

Veebeam SD costs $99 and Veebeam HD costs $129.99 and it includes the wireless adapter for your computer as well.

The HD version can play 1080p videos with optical audio for surround sound with Veebeam HD software.

Veebeam is an excellent solution for those wanting to play what they watch on their laptop on their TV. It involves easy setup and doesn’t involve any technical expertise like some of the other solutions involve.

Veebeam software for Windows supports Vista and Windows 7 but I had no problems running it on XP. It is also supposed to work on Mac OS X but I couldn’t get it work on my iMac. But, I don’t have the iMac in line of sight to the TV but I thought it wouldn’t matter. But their website recommends keeping the laptop or computer in the same room as the TV for best performance.

Having said that, it had no problem in continuing to play a video even when i moved my laptop to the room where the iMac is at. So, if that is a factor that is important to you it would help to know its limitations.

The site has an extensive FAQ and known issues in the software downloads page.

Veebeam addresses a specific problem most of us watching online videos face. And it does it very well. I can see it as a very nice gift this Christmas.

Check out Veebeam SD and Veebeam HD to link your computer to your TV wirelessly.

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