BuiltWith.com – Web Page Technology Profiler

That’s a crafty domain name for a site that let’s you find out what a site is built with.

 BuiltWith is a web page technology profiler that analyzes a website and gives a detailed listing of technologies that it finds on a web page. In their words,

BuiltWith’s goal is to help developers, researchers and designers find out what technologies pages are using which may help them to decide what technologies to implement themselves.

Quick Facts about BuiltWith

  • They compare known settings for various technologies in their database to what’s found in a web page and report on it.
  • False positives are possible if it finds a matching string but the technology actually may not be used by a web page.
  • BuiltWith caches results for a web site so changes may not be picked up immediately.
  • BuiltWith identifies the use of
    • Widgets (snap preview)
    • Analytics (Google, Nielsen)
    • Frameworks (.Net, Java)
    • Publishing (WordPress, Blogger)
    • Advertising (Adsense, Doubleclick)
    • CDNs (Amazon S3)
    • Standards
    • Hosting Software
  • Shows what percentage of the profiled sites use a particular technology you are looking at in a web page.

Using their own app, I found that BuiltWith is running on an IIS server, Yahoo User Interface (YUI) Library, ASP .NET framework and sports AddThis & Digg widgets.

I think a lot of this information can be hidden from prying eyes as was evident from ING Direct’s website. BuiltWith was able to just figure out the kind of advertisement running on ING and that they were using Flash. For a financial site, that would be one layer of defense against potential malicious attacks.

Here is how ShanKri-la looks like with BuiltWith.

Agreed that I don’t know much about hacking but I know that any little piece of information about a server would be graciously welcomed by a real word hacker.

That is just one way of using BuiltWith. How do you plan on using BuiltWith?

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