Wesabe gets cash accounts & flashier

Wesabe I use Wesabe to track my personal finances and I have written about it before. It is definitely well worth a look if you are looking for a way to manage your personal finances online but securely.

What was a great product just got even better with these new features:

Cash Accounts

Previously, Wesabe just showed cash withdrawals and I would tag that as cash expense but was not able to track my coffee purchases or the occasional snack at the gas station. Now, they have introduced Cash Accounts and I can keep track of all my cash purchases if I wanted to. As Marc explains, Wesabe does not show running balances but lets me optionally track expenses that I want so I can make better spending choices.

Better graphing ability

I am a visual person. I can understand and assimilate a lot of information easily if they are presented visually and I love the new update Wesabe has done with their graphing. Here are a gist of the new features but you can get a full review at the Better graphing in Wesabe Wheaties for your Wallet blog.

  • Scroll through your spending over time
  • Change the time scale of the graph
  • Add up your spending by year, quarter, month, week, or day, for any tag
  • Compare your spending by tag
  • Drill down into the bars
  • Build a consolidated spending graph

Web 2.0 is all about community and Wesabe has applied to personal finances. As the community around Wesabe grows by the day, the web applications value is going to shift from the software to the community around it providing the collective wisdom to anyone who goes looking for it.

And this is all for FREE! What do you use for managing your personal finances?

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One Response to “Wesabe gets cash accounts & flashier”

  1. Garry Conn June 20, 2007 at 5:39 pm #

    I know that this may be off topic. But I visited their blog and to many the first thing I see is “JOB”. Why wouldn’t a company like that pay a blogger to make their blog look nice? Why wouldn’t a company like that pay a blogger to write the articles for them? There are probably many companies just like Wesabe (unrelated of course) who have turned to blogging to advertise and spread the word about their product. So, to me, there is money out there for bloggers who have the ability to design blogs and professionally write in them. Sorry again for the off topic comment.