WordPress 3.1 Available for Download

WordPress 3.1 code named Reinhardt has hit the streets.

This version has a quite a number of new features and I am quite excited for a few of those.

WordPress 3.1 New Features

  • New Linking Workflow – makes it easy to link your own posts
  • Admin bar – like the one you see in WordPress.com
  • Streamlined writing interface
  • Better Post Formats support
  • Better CMS capabilities
  • A New Network Admin
  • Better import and export system
  • Advanced taxonomy and custom fields queries

Here is a complete list of all things new in 3.1.

I am losing whatever little interest I had for Drupal in favor of WordPress. We will be upgrading our network of WordPress blogs to WordPress 3.1 soon and I will post any gotchas we come across.

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