Hottest Tech Gift Ideas of 2010

The gift giving season is upon us and time is running out as we speak.

You may be wondering what to buy for your geeky or tech friendly family member this Christmas. Here are a few ideas based on trends in my circle.

Apple Christmas

Apple products are undeniably hot ticket items this holiday season. It could be anything from an iPod Nano to even a 21.5” Apple iMac. Here are a few items to consider

We published a complete 2010 Hottest gift ideas for an Apple fan in our sister iPhone blog. Check it out.

Photography Gifts

Many techie folks are attracted to the nuances of photography and crave for a DSLR camera. It’s a perfect time to get them started. Here are a few popular DSLR choices

Here are a few nice compact cameras


LED 3D HDTVs are the rage this holiday season. If you want your neighbor’s envy watching NFL games in 3D, get one of these.

HD Computer Monitors

Is your loved one still using a standard definition 17” monitor? Upgrade their computer experience for cheap with a 24” or 22” LCD HD computer monitor. They cost very less these days and can make you feel like you bought a new computer.

Audio and Home Theatre

Already have a nice HDTV but looking for a nice home theatre or home audio equipment to compliment it? Check out this section for a great selection of home theatre choices.

GPS and Car Entertainment

What tech loving geek doesn’t love cars and gadgets in it? You can gift a nice GPS unit or a DVD entertainment system for your kids.


Been eyeing on a software package for a while? Why not add it in the gift list?


HP’s printers with ePrint can let you print directly from your iPhone and iPad. Wouldn’t that be cool to print those right away?

Shipping Cutoff Dates

If you are ordering from Amazon to save on sales tax and free shipping, remember these shipping date cut offs so you order in time to receive it before Christmas.


Do you have your own favorite gift in your list you want to share? Please add it to the comments below.

Happy shopping!

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  1. Johanna @ December 11, 2010 at 10:54 am #

    Hi K,
    Thanks for sharing us this wonderful tech gift ideas! I was looking for promos on DSLR cameras and have stumbled upon your site. I’ll be asking my brother from abroad if he can order this for me via Amazon.


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