Daylight Saving Time

Yes, it is already time to change the clocks around the house this coming Sunday, March 11. This is as a result of Energy Policy Act of 2005 that is effective from second Sunday in March to the first Sunday in November. The transitions usually occur at 02:00. It used to be from the first Sunday in April to last Sunday in October.

For those who find it hard to remember which way the clock goes, it is easy to remember with this: ‘Spring forward; Fall back’. So, this Sunday morning at 2:00 AM the clock jumps to 3:00 AM!

The rationale behind the time change being that it reduces energy consumption in the evening with the extended daylight.

There is another good benefit to the time change. It can be a helpful reminder for a few twice a year things like

  • Checking/replacing batteries on your smoke & carbon monoxide detectors
  • Checking your credit history (you might do it more often but twice is an absolute must with the identity theft being so rampant)
  • Reprogramming your thermostats
  • Maybe a visit to the doctor/dentist

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