Wesabe releases API for your Bank Data

Need an API to your bank, credit card data? Wesabe provides it even if it is indirect.

Who/What is Wesabe?

Wesabe is money management in a true web 2.0 sense. You have a secure place to manage your money online with great tools like tagging transactions, charts, etc. Plus, you get the benefit of the collective tips and discussions from the community of Wesabe users around it.

Let’s say you shop at Meijer’s in a Michigan store. So are other Wesabe users and if they have posted tips for saving money in Meijers, Wesabe will show you those tips. It is more localized, more useful and more targeted. That’s just a gist of it.

In Wesabe’s own words:

We want to take the idea of a credit bureau (where businesses report their experiences with consumers so that other businesses can benefit) and turn it on its head — building instead a value bureau, where consumers can share their experiences with businesses, so all consumers can benefit.

Wesabe has so far provided tools to upload your financial data from bank, credit cards, etc. to manage, analyze, budget your finance online. Now, with the new API to the data online, you indirectly have an API to all your bank, credit card & financial data.

Why would I need an API?

  • You might be a hardcore Excel user and are not satisfied with the reports/charts available with Wesabe. Now, you can download your data and do whatever it is that you do with Excel.
  • Love another application? Just use Wesabe as a filter to get to your financial data in a manageable form. And Wesabe doesn’t mind it. In fact, they encourage it by releasing this API.


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