Wesabe updates: Goals, Groups & Full-text feeds

Wesabe.com We talked about Wesabe here lately and Marc Hedlund from Wesabe commented here about upcoming new features. True to their words, they have introduced some new features on their site.

While it’s not the ooh-aaah kind of improvements, they definitely make it user-friendly. Now, to the quick facts:

  • Goals are just goals: Earlier, in the goals tab you could join goals created by others or create your own goal and associate a spending target to track how much you are saving towards your goal. It had discussions by other members embedded in it and it did confuse me. Now, the discussions have been moved to a separate tab. And I like that. This makes the goals section cleaner and makes me want to visit often.
    I would love to see the promised new features in this section such as the ability to allocate money towards a goal and tracking its progress soon.
  • Public Discussion: Groups section with all the discussions have been made public. I think this is a smart move on their part as everyone can see how thriving the community is around this site and how they can benefit by being here. And, I love that they offer full text RSS feeds for all the discussion groups. If you use feed readers such as Google Reader or personal home pages like Netvibes, then it saves you a click or four to read the article.

Keep up the good work guys! Let’s see more features in Wesabe..

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