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Pimp Your Gmail In 2 Easy Steps

Gmail 2.0 saw some nice design updates but the overall look of Gmail has been the same. But, thanks to a Firefox extension called Stylish, it is possible for a Firefox user to completely overhaul the look of Gmail. Stylish is a Firefox extension that can load user created scripts that can change the look […]

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Good Reads: Buzz in Blogs 2008-02-24

Good Reads: Buzz in Blogs 2008-02-24

Sorry I went missing for a couple of days. I really should consider writing some posts ahead of time for days such as this but it feels like going to the dentist. I just love to write at the spur of the moment. Top Commentators Edition I decided to see what’s being written by our […]

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Firefox Extensions: Picks of the Week 2008-02-21

Firefox 3 has been getting a lot of coverage here. We saw the release of Firefox 3 Beta 3 , which I am really fond of as well as the new Firefox Add-ons site that’s about to debut with the release of Firefox 3. Let’s look at some of the Firefox Extensions that I came […]

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GmailThis! – An Excellent Gmail bookmarklet – Tips & Tweaks

GmailThis! has to be one of the most useful bookmarklet’s I have in my browser toolbar. It let’s me open a Gmail compose window with the Subject line and the email body with the URL of the website I am currently at, already filled in.This makes it so easy to email anyone an email with […]

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Update Gmail 2.0 Multi-Login Greasemonkey Script Now

I just recently featured Top Greasemonkey Scripts for Gmail 2.0 last week and it was well received. It just goes to show how many people are looking for useful enhancements to Gmail. One of the most popular script is the Google Account Multi-Login script. The script lets you switch between multiple Gmail accounts without having […]

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Top Greasemonkey Scripts for GMail & Google Reader

One of the mos useful Firefox extensions has to be the Greasemonkey extension. This extension lets you download scripts from userscripts.org or write your own to change different aspects of a website. I use GMail & Google Reader the most and I find these Greasemonkey scripts a life saver! I am listing them here so […]

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