A Social Network to Share More of Your Life – Your Purchases

This concept may not sit well with everyone but it is interesting nonetheless. There is a social network for everything. You name it and there is a network for it. 

Remember the site GDGT – a social networking site for gadgets where you can share, review gadgets you own and ones you want publicly?

Blippy.com is gdgt equivalent, only with Blippy you can share and review ANY purchase you make.

From Blipp’s about page

What is Blippy?

Blippy is a fun, free and safe site that lets you share your purchases and see what your friends are buying online and in real life.

What does it do?

Blippy lets you communicate about and share purchases with friends by syncing already existing e-commerce accounts to Blippy such as iTunes, Netflix, Woot, eBay and more.

Who uses Blippy?

Thousands of people use Blippy each day to have fun, stay connected and discover new and interesting things.

Blippy is an interesting concept. My traditional shopping experience is to usually read online reviews from strangers about a product. But, if someone I personally know vouches for a product I am interested in, that is equivalent to a 100 positive reviews in my mind.

If I could see what my friends are buying online and in real life and read their reviews, that beats any other review system that can be gamed.

Blippy lets you connect your credit card or debit card account securely to your Blippy account. It detects your purchases and stores it for your review. You can also connect your Gmail account and they will analyze the emails for receipts and purchases.

You can also connect your Apple iTunes, Netflix and a plethora of other service accounts with Blippy.

Another important feature is the ability to connect to your  Facebook and Twitter accounts and share your purchase reviews with just a checkbox as you publish it on Blippy.


Once they gather this data from your accounts, you could choose to publish purchases only after you approve and review them. You level up as you review more of your purchases. The nice slider showing number of review you move to the next level is a nice motivation to write more reviews.

I read through the privacy policy in the site as any site that stores my purchase history makes me nervous. Especially about the credit card part

You have the ability to share your credit card or bank card information with us for the purpose of allowing us to automatically or manually post your purchases so that your followers may view them. If you no longer wish to store your information on the site, you may delete that information at any time within your account.

It’s good to know that I can delete my information from the site anytime. But, it still didn’t instill enough confidence in me to connect my credit cards.

But, the service itself is very innovative and I am taking baby steps with this site at the moment. I had no qualms connecting my iTunes account and I am sharing my Apple iPhone/Apple iPad app purchases similar to my reviews on our iPhone blog.

So what do you think of a service like Blippy? Do you feel it is a bit too much to reveal your shopping history or do you just love to share everything you buy?

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