Chinese Concept Train That Never Stops

I came across this video on Twitter last week and had bookmarked it.

This Chinese concept bullet train never stops anywhere. That’s right! It never stops. Anywhere.

The way they figure it is there is a compartment at the station where the passengers are loaded before the train arrives. And as the train passes the station it picks up the compartment at the top as it enters and drops off a compartment as it leaves. The passengers who needed to alight are already in the top compartment that was dropped off.

Zero time wasted in loading and unloading passengers.

I can’t think of any practical hurdles that could ruin this project. For eg. It could be pretty cumbersome for everyone to get into that one compartment if this was a really long train but will work for short commuter-type bullet trains.

Anyhow, this is a really novel yet simple concept that I felt worth sharing.

Have a great weekend!


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