Easiest Way to Create Gmail HTML Signatures

One thing that surprises me a lot is that Gmail still hasn’t added support for HTML signatures. With everyone in a social network like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and may be even run a host of blogs, it would be very helpful to just add social icons and link to them in the email signature.

For Firefox users, this has been made easy with some add-ons like WiseStamp HTML Gmail signature or Black Canvas HTMl Signature.

The only drawback with this method is that you have to keep all your browsers in various computers setup the same way. It is a real PITA.

I came across a simple solution from Amit that resides right within your Gmail account by making use of 2 Gmail Labs features.

How to Create HTML Gmail Signatures?

  1. Go to Gmail Labs. Enable ‘Inserting Images’ and ‘Canned Responses’.
  2. Go to Compose window and create your signature with formatting just like a normal email message.
  3. Pull down ‘Canned Response’ option above the compose window and save it.
  4. Next time you compose a new email, just pull down Canned Responses and select the signature you want.



  • You can create and save as many signatures as you want.
  • You can choose to use image icons from web or insert right into your email (better).
  • Image icons of size 12x12px or 16x16px work well for signatures.
  • Insert all your icons in one shot

If you had a simpler but multiple email signatures, you can also look at using Texter to insert signatures easily. I really like the simplicity of this way of creating Gmail HTML signatures.

[via Digital Inspiration]


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