Gmail Gets Rich Text Signatures. Finally!

Finally, we can let out a huge sigh of relief. I love Gmail a lot and can’t even consider any other email service for all the features it has.

For years, Gmail users have been resorting to various workarounds to get HTML signatures in Gmail. I have regularly covered different ways to achieve this in Gmail.

Now, Google has finally responded to this feature request and have added HTML signature.

We can now create Signatures and format it with the rich-text formatting options by going to Settings –> General –> Signature.


If you have multiple email accounts associated with your email address, you can add different rich-text signatures to each address. You can also add images to your signature but it has to be already hosted on the web. You host it yourself or use free services such as Picasa Web or Flickr.

However, the current implementation of Rich Text signatures in Gmail does not add the ability to add multiple HTML signatures to a single email address. For eg. business, personal, friends, etc.

You can still use the HTML Signatures with Canned response feature in Gmail for adding multiple signatures for various contexts.

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